Crocodile Airless Tyres

  • Crocodile Tyres are a relatively new type of airless (semi-solid) tyre designed specifically for and in use in a number of industrial machine applications such as skid steer loaders, drill rigs and shotcrete machines for over four years.
  • Compared with conventional solid tyres or solid-filled pneumatics, Crocodile Tyres provide an excellent cushioned ride and provide a considerable weight saving.
  • Crocodile Tyres are supplied complete with Chemlok-bonded profiled rims. This means that no aftermarket rim fitting is required: the tyre/rim assemblies are shipped ready to bolt onto the end use machine.

Why Crocodile Tyres

  • Greater Machine Productivity – downtime due to tyre damage is eliminated
  • Increased safety – no risk of blowouts under load and easy to fit
  • Greater durability – tread life up to four (4) times longer than pneumatic equivalent in some applications
  • Ride quality vastly improved – as compared with conventional solids and solid-filled pneumatics due to patented void design
  • Reduced machine wear and tear – due to the cushioning effect of Crocodile Tyres , as compared with conventional solids and solid-filled pneumatics
  • Lower total life-cycle cost – due to longer tyre life and elimination of machine downtime
  • Crocodile Tyres are 100% recyclable, so less waste goes to landfill

Synonomous Descriptions for Equipment

  • Airless Tyres / Airless Tires
  • Cushioned Tyres / Cushioned Tires
  • Semi-Solid Tyres / Semi-Solid Tires
  • Puncture Free Tyres / Puncture Free Tires
  • Bobcat Tyres / Bobcat Tires
  • Skid Steer Tyres / Skid Steer Tires
  • Underground Drilling Rig Tyres / Underground Drilling Rig Tires
  • Shotcrete Tyres / Shotcrete Tires
  • EWP (Elevated Work Platform) Tyres. / EWP (Elevated Work Platform) Tires
  • Telehandler Tyres / Telehandler Tires