• Crocodile airless tyre technology is the result of many years of development in Western Australia, one of the harshest environments in the world for off-road tyres. The result is a maintenance-free off-road industrial tyre, which provides exceptional tread life and durability, while at the same time providing a soft cushioned ride, to the benefit of operator comfort and machine transmission life.
  • The major advantages are the:
    • Elimination of the need for a custom rim (required by other non-pneumatic tyres)
    • Superior ride comfort with key features protected by international patents
    • Ability to customize the disc centre to suit many various machines and applications
  • Croc Tyres Pty Ltd is a private company registered in Australia and based in Brisbane, Queensland which has the rights to the patented Crocodile Tyre technology and associated trademarks and retains the exclusive right to manufacture and distribute Crocodile tyres worldwide.