Non-pneumatic (“airless”) tires are not new. Michelin’s polyurethane (no fiber reinforcement that I can confirm) X TWEEL airless radial tires for construction, farm and lawn equipment are being produced at its new Piedmont, South Carolina factory. Bridgestone also has a model in development and Resilient Technologies is focusing its efforts […]

Tires That Never Go Flat

  The announcement that Bridgestone was developing an “airless” or non-pneumatic tire for the passenger vehicle market sparked the interest of many drivers. Although this prototype is still being developed, the future looks bright for this revolutionary tire. Bridgestone airless tire technology features a unique spoke structure designed to support […]


  A flat tire means you have to dig out the spare and change your car’s tire.  To help you understand why flat tires happen, we’ve come up with a list of the top five causes of flat tires.  That way the next time you get a flat, you’ll know […]

Flat tire: The Top Five Causes

“What kind of tires do you use on your travels all around the world?” They usually go on to tell me that their friend… or the guy at their local bike shop… or some random stranger on the Internet recommended a particular type of tire (usually theSchwalbe Marathon Plus tires), […]

What Kind Of Tires Do You Use?

Airless tyres are the latest innovation in the tyre industry, with several new prototypes emerging over the last few years. Are they really too good to be true? If you’ve been keeping up-to-date with automotive developments in recent years, you may or may not have heard of a nifty little […]

Are airless tyres the future?

Punctures and “Run-Flats” I hope that it’s been raining where you are. We needed it. However, one side effect that can get us involved, is the greater risk of a puncture. Why? Because wet rubber cuts easier, and is pierced easier, than dry rubber. When the tread rubber is almost […]

When to Replace your Tyres