Flat tire: The Top Five Causes


flat tire

A flat tire means you have to dig out the spare and change your car’s tire.  To help you understand why flat tires happen, we’ve come up with a list of the top five causes of flat tires.  That way the next time you get a flat, you’ll know why.

Here is our top five.

Flat Tire Source #1:  Sharp objects

Lots of times, you’ll get a flat tire because a sharp object such as a nail or screw on the road.  Whenever possible, drive around debris on the road. This will prevent a flat from happening.  These types of flat tires can usually be fixed with a patch.

Flat Tire Source #2: Valve Stem Leaks

Sometimes the valve stem may get a leak in it from dirt inside the valve or because it’s old.  A lot of times, the valve stem may get cracks in it because of wear and tear.  This causes a leak, leading to a flat tire.  Often times, this can be fixed by replacing the valve stem.

Flat Tire Source #3:  Tire Bead Leaks

If you’re unfamiliar with the tire bead, it’s the sealing surface of the tire.  Sometimes air will slowly leak out of the tire from this area.  To find out if you have a bead leak, spray your tires, wheels and valve system with soapy water.  If you see any bubbles anywhere, you probably have a bead leak.

Flat Tire Source #4:  Alloy Wheel Leaks

If you have aluminum alloy wheels, your car may experience this.  This happens when air escapes from the tire and the wheel.  If you have aluminum alloy wheels, be sure to regularly check the tire pressure.  A lot of times you can place a sealer on the wheels.

Flat Tire Source #5:  Vandalism

It’s possible that someone could have let the air out of your tires.  Before jumping to this conclusion, always check with a tire professional to see if this is actually the case.


These are five of the most common sources of flat tires.  Always, be sure to regularly check your tire pressure along with using tire shine and tire dressing products to keep your car looking great.

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