• 10 – 16.5 NHS Skid Steer Loaders – This tyre provides outstanding cushioning and durability under the harshest conditions including applications such as demolition, scrap metal yards, hard rock mining areas, workshop clean ups, rough and jagged terrain, scrub and staked areas and more.
  • 12 – 16.5 Mark 1 NHS Mining Service – Crocodile Mining Service tyres provide excellent cut and tear resistance as well as superior ride comfort. Also eliminates boom breakage on underground mining machines and significantly reduces cost compared to solid-filled pneumatic tyres through the elimination of side wall rips and downtime.
    The 12-16.5 Mark1 NSH Mining Service Tyre has been re-rated to the following load, speed and distance capacities: The re-rating has been lifted from a 3 tonne load to a load of 4.5 tonne at a speed of no greater that 12kph over a 3km distance in any one journey.
  • 12 – 16.5 Mark 2 NHS Larger Skid Steer Loaders and Shotcrete Machines – This tyre provides outstanding cushioning and durability under the harshest conditions, along with better ride charcteristics and less wear and tear on mechanical parts (gearbox, differential and linkages).
  • 13.5 – 28 NHS Mining Service (12.00 – 20 equivalent) – This tyre is undergoing final trials and is suitable for a wide range of mining equipment, particularly for underground Jumbo Drill Rigs. One of its advantages over other tyres is the elimination of machine breakages through a more cushioned, patented double-void system in the tyre. The system allows for a cushioned yet manouverable ride during tramming of underground drilling rigs and eliminates tyre punctures from sharp rocks falling beneath them when the Drilling Rigs are in operation and supported by their rams. Once drilling is completed the rams are lifted and the tyres are lowered to the ground, but because Crocodile Tyres are airless no puncturing can occur and the Rig can be moved to another location without delay.
  • Other prototype tyres are currently in development.