• The Crocodile Tyre is an airless (semi-solid) tyre with some unique characteristics. The technology was invented and developed locally by renowned innovator and entrepreneur, Mr Alan Burns as a result of the identified need for a tough, maintenance-free tyre for use in the harsh Australian outback conditions which could also provide a comfortable ride and use standard pneumatic rims, which are relatively inexpensive, light in weight and freely available.
  • The crocodile tyre consists of a steel ring welded around the outer periphery of a standard pneumatic tyre rim, onto which the tyre rubber is bonded during the moulding (vulcanization) process.
  • The main advantages of using standard, profiled pneumatic rims are that the rims are relatively lightweight and inexpensive.
  • The Crocodile Tyre uses two different rubber compounds in its construction: a resilient cushion compound and a tough, cut, tear and abrasion resistant tread compound.
  • The cushion compound provides excellent ride cushioning characteristics, and suffers minimal heat build-up during use which translates to enhanced tyre life.
  • A carefully designed, patented void pattern is moulded into the sidewalls during vulcanization. This feature greatly enhances the cushioning characteristics of Crocodile tyres and also reduces the rubber mass in the tyre.